Pas Dosè
Riserva 111


Pedrotti’s wine passion results in a trentodoc full of history and modernity

Riserva 111 is the emblem of a wine passion that moves forward into the future without neglecting the past. Passion - the key of the entire Pedrotti’s production - becomes a symbol in this spumante. 111 years passed between 1901, when the great-grandfather Emanuele started its experience in the wine world, and 2012, when this product was launched. 1+1+1, so 3 are the descendants who currently run the business, each one with his own personality but all with a common intent: producing quality wines with great passion. The production of Riserva 111 is limited to few bottles; this spumante is very elegant thank to the blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir without dosage. The long maturation on the yeasts for 6 years, in the stillness of the cave, lends to the wine a strong structure and character; Riserva 111 is a spumante suitable for any dish.

  • Grapes

    90% chardonnay
    10% pinot noir

  • Length of ageing

    72 months on the yeasts

  • Color

    Shiny straw yellow with golden tinges.

  • Perlage

    Very fine and persistent.

  • Bouquet

    Strong, complex and fine; fruity; notes of hazelnut and renetta apple; the fragrance reminds us of bread crust, mother yeast; excellent minerality.

  • Taste

    Dry with a pleasant sour hint. Savory, well-balanced, persistent.

  • Alcohol

    12,5 %

  • Residual sugar

    0 grams/liter.

  • Kind of production

    Metodo classico, at least 6 years of maturation on the yeast, no dosage.

  • Sizes available

    750 ml

  • Food&Wine pairings

    Suitable to accompany any meal; perfect with traditional fish dishes, medium-hard cheese, quails or rabbit.

  • Serving temperature

    8 – 9° C

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